Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Fascinating time at the Katherine Races

So much balloon goodness, so little time! On the weekend just passed, I decided to go to Katherine to catch up with one of my fantastic friends before she goes on an indefinite time to the USA. I arrived late evening on the Friday, with my sister and two nephews. Early the next day, Mum and I went to the morning markets to facepaint and balloontwist respectively.

My mother, sister and I. We look like we love pink!

Anyway, to the good bit! I started using new design or two, one of those being a horse. I made it as my cool thing to wear, and I had a few requests for it that morning. No wonder because it was very cool but also it was the weekend of the Katherine Cup.
Adorable and cheeky to boot!
When it was time to head to the races, I created another one to wear; as well as  a horse costume for my biggest nephew. Doesn't he look adorable!? The design was inspired by one I saw the twister and Fred's Pass show twist up. Sadly one of his 'lips' popped, so there is only one. It happened whilst I was making the bridle :(

I got a lot of compliments for my fascinator, it was a lot of fun to wear. The top I am wearing is one that I designed and created, it was fun colours to wear!

Funny true story no 1: Well, not very funny but my boss had a horse running in the race, so I gave Brook and I the number of his horse on our wearables; Number 5. Guess which horse won the race? Yes, indeedy! Happy to say I won some money.
Funny true story no 2: When it came time to leave, we put the horse costume in the bin as Brook had given up on wearing it and some legs had popped. As we walked away, I looked back to the bin to find it horse-less. A quick glance around, and there was a tipsy woman wearing it on her head! It was too funny, I couldn't help but laugh :'D

And just before we left for the day, I had my photo taken by the newspaper photographer. It was cool to see myself in there today hehe.

Do the Teapot! (Safer than Planking!)

Was great to see Kate!

Sharing a fantastic hug with my Poppleophegus. I'm her Sonic <3

All in all a really fun but exhausting weekend was had! It was a blast catching up with my high school friends and everything was just fun. I can't believe it's been 10 years.... Can't wait for the November reunion!

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  1. Hey Sonia,
    I'd be happy to have you as my first showcased artist. I've been following you blog, and I'm very impressed with your work.

    I'm still figuring out the whole showcase thing, so I think I'll start simple for now.

    If you want to send the following to my email ( I'll put it all together in a nice package with a pretty bow and post it this Friday... or the first Friday after I get your stuff.

    Please send-
    A bio about yourself: Just a bit about how you've got started, how long you've been twisting, anything you'd like to brag about...

    Some samples of your work: 5-10 pictures you'd like to speak for you and your talent. feel free to include info or captions you'd like me to have with the images.

    Where you want me to send people: Your website, your blog, anywhere you'd like me to try to direct some traffic.

    Your favorite joke: I'm always up for hearing a good joke.

    Anything else you'd like me to include in the post: Yup.

    I look forward to hearing from you.



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