Monday, March 15, 2010

Sailor Moon

Back again after a short delay!

Definately time for a new posting! In the last few months things have been fairly slow. In January I had the twisting workshop with the kids with a school holiday program. About 30 kids in total, luckily not the 60 that were a possibility!
Also during this time I have done a birthday party for a 40th that was fun! Ended up the night dancing to some Michael Jackson and MC Hammer.

Speaking of birthdays... I had my own on the 13th of March... another year older and wiser! I just wish I had someone to make me balloons on my Birthday :0) I ended up making this almost like a present to myself!

Just about everyone has seen the iconic Sailor Moon, if not if she was made of balloons she'd look a little something like this!

Not quite content with just one attempt, I've also tried V2 and this is how that turned out... (made about 20 days apart).

The 2nd version was inspired by some pictures I saw on a Japanese balloon art site. There were some extremely cute versions of some magical girls from what a little detective work was revealed to be called Heartcatch Pretty Cure. From what I can see I am enchanted by the costumes, I think I know what my next cosplay might be...

Photo/design credit to Unknown artist


  1. This is REALLY cute and an amazing idea. Very you! Well done. :)

  2. Haha thanks :D You and I know both know it was only a matter of time hehe



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