Thursday, May 19, 2011

Meeting a Twister and Fred's Pass Show

I visited Fred's Pass Rural Show recently, and to my delight discovered they had a talented balloon twister there! I was eager to gain a balloon from him, as I always lament there is no-one to make me a cool balloon gift! After some light stalkage and encouragement from my mum, I gots me my awesome balloon hat! The fabulous fellow was Brendan, of Balloons by Design (based in Melbourne)

He asked me what I might like, and I asked for something that was his favourite and whatever he wanted to make. I think the hat is pretty special and all kinds of great. He was great to have a chat with, and very helpful and encouraging! He and I made balloon ladybugs together, he showed me his design and we tandem twisted and made some young girls happy (okay, one of them was completely unsure but her mum loved it!). He offered to share with me some instructions that he has put together, which I look forward to receiving. 

The very next day I had fun re-creating his hat. I know it will be popular (no pun intended!) I got many stares and comments as I wore his, I hope to be able to share that joy with others hehe

Took a few photos that day... but hands down, this is my favourite! With my two Gorgeous Nephews Brook and Dallas. Thanks mum! I love the smiles :D


  1. The whole three of you are gorgeous!!!! How old is the baby? He reminds me of my grandson who is just 7 months old and I love him to bits.

  2. Thanks Ian! :D Little Dallas is just over 3 months now. I really can't believe how much time has gone by! He is such a sweet and wonderful baby.

    Isn't it fantastic how much lovable and adorable they can be?



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