Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bespoke Balloon Design!

Recently I had a custom balloon request, based on the girly-girl designs. The request was to create a balloon mini-me for the lovely Sakura. 

She was thrilled with it. What makes this even more different? It travelled to the other side of Australia to get to the recipient! At least now I know it can be done! :D
I don't know that it is something I'll pursue further, but I loved the chance to bring a special balloon creation to her (and it was for her birthday - how cool?!).


In other news, I'm having a serious think about what I may include in tutorials if I can get a PDF happening. I'm experimenting with different hair styles so I can offer as much as I possibly can if I go down that path. I've had my first bit of serious outside encouragement... It gives me the drive to succeed!

Are there any suggestions on what you'd be interested to see?


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