Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sharing Time!

Just a quick post to let you know I will be appearing as a guest poster on one of my favourite balloon twisting blogs, 365 days of balloons! I'm pretty excited about that fact and I can't wait to share it with you when it goes live.

Thanks Mot for the opportunity!

And now perhaps to celebrate... Some balloons I haven't shared before?

A costume and a balloon to match... I designed and made both (the pink, not the awesome Gremlin!)
The Pink Power Ranger... Look closer, she has stubble. I actually made it as a parody for a male friend of him

 I love being creative!


  1. We had heaps of people out front of my office on monday and tuesday making balloon sculptures for the Titanic Centenary in Adelaide Arcade. They made a Statue of Liberty, the Hull of the Titanic, an anchor with a cute crab perched on it and what I imagine was supposed to be Dublin since I believe that is where the titanic left from. Not sure if there are photos online yet, but perhaps you might like to look it up. The anchor and liberty were pretty sweet and really big!

  2. Hi It was so nice to meet you on the weekend! I loved my princess leia ballon she's still in one piece, even though my lil dog thought it was for him hehe!
    Stay fabulous rainbow brite!

  3. Hey Sonia I just got back from a holiday in America. I went to the So Cal. balloon jam thanks to Glenn Harvey who picked us up and dropped us back to our motel. It was awesome....everyone so friendly and sharing.
    So....your next tutorial...sooon huh.....hint hint. lol.

  4. Kelly, that sounds awesome! I will definitely try Googling them, and hopefully find some pictures.

    Thanks Rainbow Brite! It was great to meet you, you had wonderful spirit, the true essence of Rainbow Brite!

    And Ian, tell me more! I bet it was amazing. I am very jealous of you hehe And I haven't forgotten about a tutorial... I really should pull my finger out!



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