Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter!

I hope that you had a fantastic Easter!

Here in Australia, we had a 5-day long weekend. There was Easter, but also ANZAC day on the Monday, and a public holiday for it was on the Tuesday. Not only that, this weekend is a three-day long weekend. Very cool.

Here is the special Easter balloon I made for the occasion:

I was quite happy with the outcome, it was the first time that I tried this original design for the rabbit. It also doubled as a gift to a birthday girl; more on that below!

Also, Tuesday (today) was my little nephew's 3rd birthday. We celebrated at the park, and of course I did the balloons! Not only that, my mother is a talented face painter (I'm sure I've bragged on that before!) and she pulled out her paints and delighted young and old.

My nephew, Brook! He turned 3.

Rawr! Tiger Princess Paris
Something different, no balloon photos of the event! However, balloons made include; a snake, ladybug on a flower, Pooh, Lightening McQueen hat and 1 2 3 skeletons! 

Not only that, but I worked with Hyper the Clown at a party recently, which was a fun outdoor event. The Easter balloon I made was the gift for the Saturday birthday. This coming weekend I also have another little one's birthday lined up... Yay! Bring it on, I say!


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