Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Practice of new Designs

Ever since I met up with the twister at Freds Pass, I felt more inspired to create. I played around with some new designs, gaining inspiration from my inspirations folder. 

 With the exception of the Giraffe Hat, all the other balloons are fairly small in design. They use the 160 size modelling balloons. For those of you who are not on the up-and up of what these exotic creatures are... We have 2 giraffes (the 2nd one is worn on the wrist), then we have a little bird (who also looks great in dark pink and lime green!), a peacock and finally a seahorse.

Look out for my next post with my horse fascinator! haha... Coming soon!


  1. I wish I had an inspiration folder in my head, maybe one day. In the meantime I'll just carry on making balloons that others have designed.
    As usual your balloons are magnificent....I love them all especially the seahorse. I'm really looking forward to your next tutorial.
    (BTW. that was not meant as a hurry up)LOL.
    Do you use mostly 160s in your designs or a mix of 160 and 260s?

  2. hehe My inspirations folders are chock-full but there is always room for more!
    The seahorse is based off the balloon photo of Lily Tan, who does some amazing things with her balloons. It is officially one of my favourites!

    I do use a mix of balloons, but these days I am much more partial to 160s. When I make balloon flowers, I always seem to use 260s for the petals, and 160s for the stems.

    I really ought to stop thinking about the next tute and just do it! I need to speak with my friend about helping it to be even better hehe <3

    As always, thanks so much for all your encouragement! :D



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