Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rainbow Brite!

I honor of a new friend who I met at Supanova 2011, Tails from the Doghouse (you looked fantastic, by the way!), I decided to make a posting dedicated to Rainbow Brite! Being an 80's child and a girly girl, it was inevitable that some of my aspirations would include her.

Case in point... In 2008, I made a modern version of her costume. I wasn't quite prepared to make a replica of her outfit, hence the modern twist.

2ndly, I knew that I had to make her out of balloons! Since I was still pretty new to the wonders of multi-balloon sculptures; I had a lot of guidance from a ballooning friend Crystal, aka Jillybilly.

Overall, I am happy with her look... However given that it was a while ago (2008 also) I do believe I need another crack at her. One day, I'm sure!


  1. Aww I love this you look so wonderful!
    Thank you for posting this so happy to have made a new friend :)

  2. Found you via Tea Rose linky party :) Love the costume, always wanted to make one for myself also. Might even some day find the time! Had a peek around your blog, very impressive balloon skills I must say.

  3. Thank my favourite RB! I'm happy to have a friend in you too hehe

    Thanks Just Jamie! :D

    And thank you MJ for your kind words! I really appreciate it <3 Glad to show you my balloons :D`



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