Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bespoke Balloon Design!

Recently I had a custom balloon request, based on the girly-girl designs. The request was to create a balloon mini-me for the lovely Sakura. 

She was thrilled with it. What makes this even more different? It travelled to the other side of Australia to get to the recipient! At least now I know it can be done! :D
I don't know that it is something I'll pursue further, but I loved the chance to bring a special balloon creation to her (and it was for her birthday - how cool?!).


In other news, I'm having a serious think about what I may include in tutorials if I can get a PDF happening. I'm experimenting with different hair styles so I can offer as much as I possibly can if I go down that path. I've had my first bit of serious outside encouragement... It gives me the drive to succeed!

Are there any suggestions on what you'd be interested to see?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sweet Little Balloon Girls

Whoops, it's been over a month since my last post! Mostly quiet on the ballooning front, but I've had a healthy dose of motivation these past two weeks and have had fun coming up with the following new cuties:

Hard to pick a favourite... But I think it's her!
Meet Angela, the Angel!

The little lady who started the craze

The most recent and most elaborate, the fairy!

I've had some fun trying to work on a small scale, but really upping the cuteness factor. Their heights would be approximately between 25-30cms.

I have an interesting challenge to create a custom balloon sculpture and send it to the other side of Australia, my first experience sending through the post. I really hope it works!

You may have noticed my lovely new Facebook logo off to the side there (customised by me because I loves my rainbows!)... I do updates there much more often if you are itching to see more ;) Also often I post more than one picture if you're interested in seeing different angles etc.

Because of the very positive comments I'm getting on this style, I've seriously been considering putting together a PDF for sale with step-by-step instructions. Let me know what you think! The more encouragement, the likelier I might actually do it! hehe

Thanks for reading! I will see you next time <3

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Caricature Time!

I've always had an urge to create. It's fun watching something evolve from your own mind! Probably why I enjoy balloons so much is you can make just about anything... but inflatable! Anyway, I digress from the topic at hand!
I decided I wanted to create a colouring-in page for myself, as it's something that is kinda a lot of fun to have one of you (also can become a give-away, colouring contest etc..)


Once I drew myself a few times, I decided to draw some friends too! Since then the requests keep coming..! I didn't realise how popular they would be at first, but I love giving my friends a reason to smile.



Now I have quite a few requests! It makes me think... If people really like what I do... Maybe I could offer it as a service to others?? Even my sister has requested a family portrait hehe
Right now, I'm enjoying creating for my friends, but there may well be those interested in buying one off me (gasp... hopefully!) Let me know if you're keen hehe

If I do any more pictures (I'm sure I will!) I will be sure to share <3

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rainbow Brite!

I honor of a new friend who I met at Supanova 2011, Tails from the Doghouse (you looked fantastic, by the way!), I decided to make a posting dedicated to Rainbow Brite! Being an 80's child and a girly girl, it was inevitable that some of my aspirations would include her.

Case in point... In 2008, I made a modern version of her costume. I wasn't quite prepared to make a replica of her outfit, hence the modern twist.

2ndly, I knew that I had to make her out of balloons! Since I was still pretty new to the wonders of multi-balloon sculptures; I had a lot of guidance from a ballooning friend Crystal, aka Jillybilly.

Overall, I am happy with her look... However given that it was a while ago (2008 also) I do believe I need another crack at her. One day, I'm sure!

Supanova Sydney 2011

Hello everyone!

I'm back and what I fully believe recovered from my crazy previous weekend. Want to know why? I was twisting balloons at a Pop-Culture Convention known as Supanova. I was sponsored to appear by the Star Wars club I am apart of, Novus Ordo Australia. The balloons were given away free as promotion for the club, but also a great way for me to meet new people and show them what is possible with balloons!

For my stand, I edited pictures of some of my favourite balloons I have twisted, printed them out in A3 at OfficeWorks, cut them out (you might be able to tell... I love rounded corners!) and laminated them. They were not the balloons I was offering, but it didn't stop some people asking for them! (I did relent ever so slightly on 3 occasions... but shhhh!)

My costume is that of a Pink Imperial Officer

I offered a variety of designs, namely: lightsabers, Princess Leia, R2D2, Han Solo and a Yoda or two. I was prepared to make other designs, however once people saw Princess Leia.... There was hardly any contest as to which was most pop-ular! Lightsabers though were also fun and not only that, quick and a crowd-pleaser!

I wanted to share with you some of my favourite pictures from the weekend...

Three great girls with R2D2, Han Solo and Princess Leia
When the store was all nice haha (I shared a table also)

The Leia balloon... 2nd day 
I decided that I wanted to twist a balloon version of the character voiced by my favourite guest of the weekend, Dan Green. He thought it was fantastic,  which in turn made me very happy indeed!
Balloon Yami-Yugi! I was really proud of him, got a fantastic reaction by fans! 
Me and Dan Green! Voice actor for Yami Yugi (see photo above!)
I hope you enjoy seeing the pictures from my weekend. I do have more... Let me know if you want to see them!

It was a great experience, and I'm convinced that I need to do it again... one day ;) Look out for my next post.... coming up soon (today even! hehe)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sharing Time!

Just a quick post to let you know I will be appearing as a guest poster on one of my favourite balloon twisting blogs, 365 days of balloons! I'm pretty excited about that fact and I can't wait to share it with you when it goes live.

Thanks Mot for the opportunity!

And now perhaps to celebrate... Some balloons I haven't shared before?

A costume and a balloon to match... I designed and made both (the pink, not the awesome Gremlin!)
The Pink Power Ranger... Look closer, she has stubble. I actually made it as a parody for a male friend of him

 I love being creative!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Fascinating time at the Katherine Races

So much balloon goodness, so little time! On the weekend just passed, I decided to go to Katherine to catch up with one of my fantastic friends before she goes on an indefinite time to the USA. I arrived late evening on the Friday, with my sister and two nephews. Early the next day, Mum and I went to the morning markets to facepaint and balloontwist respectively.

My mother, sister and I. We look like we love pink!

Anyway, to the good bit! I started using new design or two, one of those being a horse. I made it as my cool thing to wear, and I had a few requests for it that morning. No wonder because it was very cool but also it was the weekend of the Katherine Cup.
Adorable and cheeky to boot!
When it was time to head to the races, I created another one to wear; as well as  a horse costume for my biggest nephew. Doesn't he look adorable!? The design was inspired by one I saw the twister and Fred's Pass show twist up. Sadly one of his 'lips' popped, so there is only one. It happened whilst I was making the bridle :(

I got a lot of compliments for my fascinator, it was a lot of fun to wear. The top I am wearing is one that I designed and created, it was fun colours to wear!

Funny true story no 1: Well, not very funny but my boss had a horse running in the race, so I gave Brook and I the number of his horse on our wearables; Number 5. Guess which horse won the race? Yes, indeedy! Happy to say I won some money.
Funny true story no 2: When it came time to leave, we put the horse costume in the bin as Brook had given up on wearing it and some legs had popped. As we walked away, I looked back to the bin to find it horse-less. A quick glance around, and there was a tipsy woman wearing it on her head! It was too funny, I couldn't help but laugh :'D

And just before we left for the day, I had my photo taken by the newspaper photographer. It was cool to see myself in there today hehe.

Do the Teapot! (Safer than Planking!)

Was great to see Kate!

Sharing a fantastic hug with my Poppleophegus. I'm her Sonic <3

All in all a really fun but exhausting weekend was had! It was a blast catching up with my high school friends and everything was just fun. I can't believe it's been 10 years.... Can't wait for the November reunion!


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