Friday, September 16, 2011

Sweet Little Balloon Girls

Whoops, it's been over a month since my last post! Mostly quiet on the ballooning front, but I've had a healthy dose of motivation these past two weeks and have had fun coming up with the following new cuties:

Hard to pick a favourite... But I think it's her!
Meet Angela, the Angel!

The little lady who started the craze

The most recent and most elaborate, the fairy!

I've had some fun trying to work on a small scale, but really upping the cuteness factor. Their heights would be approximately between 25-30cms.

I have an interesting challenge to create a custom balloon sculpture and send it to the other side of Australia, my first experience sending through the post. I really hope it works!

You may have noticed my lovely new Facebook logo off to the side there (customised by me because I loves my rainbows!)... I do updates there much more often if you are itching to see more ;) Also often I post more than one picture if you're interested in seeing different angles etc.

Because of the very positive comments I'm getting on this style, I've seriously been considering putting together a PDF for sale with step-by-step instructions. Let me know what you think! The more encouragement, the likelier I might actually do it! hehe

Thanks for reading! I will see you next time <3



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