Friday, February 18, 2011

Katherine Markets and my Facepainting Attempt

Okay, so it's been a short while... hasn't it? I wanted to share with you some photos from my latest market that I attended. I feel there is far few pictures of me in action haha so I enlisted my mother to take some photos for me.

We didn't capture too many on the day, as mum is also a very talented Face Painter and took them between her little customers.

Thank you Mum! I think you did a great job ^___^

I had a great time at those markets. What was most fantastic is that there was a stall selling new books right next to us... and they had two balloon twisting kits! Two sweet young ladies (no relation) both told me that I had inspired them and so they brought the kits. I thought it was amazing and I wish them both the best of luck with their twisting!

Here is my recent attempt at painting my bestie's face... a little not a lot of stuff going on haha. I need more practice!

Got to practice more... that's for sure... hehe But it was great fun! I do want to learn to do better though..


  1. Your twisting as usual is superb. Your facepainting isn't too shabby either, although can't see much of it. Any more pics?
    Are you going to do a tutorial on one of your beautiful princesses? or a dvd maybe!!!! Anyway love your work and hope day you come to AK. New Zealand f or a holiday and maybe do a lecture while your here. Live in hope and dream.
    Cheers Magic-ian

  2. Thank you Ian <3 you are very sweet, as always! There might be a few more pics of the facepainting, I will have a peek on my computer and see if there are any worth sharing haha

    I think I might just have to do a tutorial one of these days... especially if it is wanted. :D my mother's family is from NZ, and her parents live in Auckland :) No immediate plans to cross the Tasman, but in the future I won't say no! (loved it when I visited.... when I was 9!)



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