Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Gushing Review of Geniuses, and Supanova Plans

Getting ready for Supanova Brisbane 2011. A great excuse to dress up in costume, and make and wear a new balloon dress!

I wanted to share with you my inspiration of what I wish to create. Many of you in the ballooning world should have heard of Marie Dadow. What she does with her dresses is nothing short of amazing. If I can get to her level, I'd be so happy. Her amazing creations have been seen on the Victoria's Secret Runway, shows in Vegas, and my personal favourite; Disney's The Wizards of Waverly Place.
The dress that was made for an episode of Wizards:

Now, I'm not aware of any special event this may or not been created for, but the end result is absolutely stunning. From the colours, to the dress, to the makeup to the wig, to the model.... Everything!:

I hope to do something similar for myself. I have a talented friend who lives in Brissie who is a makeup artist who I will beg and plead for assistance (bribes I won't say no to!).

I am hoping to get a wig from the amazing Katie Bair. I don't know that I have sent a request for a quote with enough time with less than 3 months to go, but I can only hope. Due to the lead time she requires, it's not too likely for late March. I will wait to hear from her methinks (you never know!) then look at alternatives. Even if it's going to be too late for Supanova, I am determined to own one. A wig from Katie is an amazing thing and it will get a lot of wear regardless. The catch is if you order from her design services, you can't request what the wig will look like. The bonus of this is she is very creative and will come up with something amazing, most likely exceeding any expectations. Take a look at some of these examples from her website (there are hundreds there, a true master of her craft!):

(All above images (c) to Katie Bair)

Seriously, right!? They are a work of art, and the three above some of my favourites. But enough gushing.

I will keep you updated of any progress with my plans, or the outcome of my request to Katie. I am planning on putting a post on my other blog, She Said Whaaat?!, on my cosplay costume that I hope to make.

Worthwhile links to admire:


  1. I hope to get to her level some days also.

  2. WOW that is an amazing dress can't wait to see what you have installed for brisnova XD

  3. Thanks Roy! I've got some big plans hehe lots of great inspiration is out there!

  4. There's a lot of information here that will be very useful. Thanks for sharing this.

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  5. You are very welcome. Thank-you for commenting!

    For the record, I never heard anything back from Katie :(



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