Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tinkerbell and Parties

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to do a 60th birthday party... For twins! It was a fun evening, I enjoyed creating requests for the young children and those young-at-heart. Incidentally, I was not aware that the party was for a brother and sister, but luckily the balloon I'd made to take along was a parrot and a cockatoo on a perch haha Unfortunately I don't have any photos as I was rushing out the door!

Some of my favourite balloons of the night were a ballerina, and some lady bug bracelets. I had a bit of a challenge when I was asked for a platypus, might need to practice that one for next time!

Other interesting things that happened... I was asked for my phone number (sorry I'm taken!) and told I was fresh... like a minty. Don't ask! hehe

I'd brought some shiny new black patent shoes to wear that evening too, so my feet were a little sore. Not as bad as I thought they might get, thankfully. 

What was quite fabulous is that the bar manager at the party was very excited about the balloons, and ordered a special request for her sisters' birthday. (She was also very awesome by trading me food and drink for a balloon of her own after I finished at the 60th.) I thought it was quite clever as she brought numerous gifts for her that began with 'T'. After swapping some thoughts, we thought Tinkerbell would be a great idea.

I put a lot of effort into Tinkerbell for her, as I wanted to be as detailed as possible, amp up the 'wow' factor. I did make up the design as I went, as you can see my inspiration picture below. Thank you to the very talented Bonnie Davis whose head and neck instructions were the foundation for the head.

My reference picture
My client was very happy with the end result, and I really hope her sister will be too. It was a fun challenge, but now... I rest!

Until next time! (and one day soon I will finish my challenged balloons and put up some more!)


  1. I love your fairy design.
    It has a lot of character.

    Great work.

    ~Showing my fellow bloggers some support.



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