Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Tutorial... Twist a Balloon Ladybug!

New balloon tutorial @ Youtube... How to twist a Balloon Ladybug by yours truely. Please visit and leave a comment! Hope to hear from you!

I think to try and put more up, I will try and do at least one a month... Maybe more. But at this stage I have a couple of ideas of items to twist and would like to get more out there. So we will see!

Sad story... I recorded the whole tut... without hitting record on my computer *sadface* so this was the 2nd video I made and hence why I have two in the end haha! I was going batty but I originally had a shout-out to my Ballooning friend from NZ, Magic-Ian, which I forgot to put into the 2nd :( So I am sorry, Ian.... But there is then next video! haha


  1. I look forward to your next tutorial.
    I wish you would come over here to do some work shops.

  2. If I'm coming to NZ at all I know I will do my best to visit you! I think it would be a blast <3

  3. PS hoping to do another one soon!



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