Saturday, July 24, 2010

Balloon Pretties

Why hello there! Ready to see some of the latest balloons? Hopefully you're reading because you do! First up here is a doll shown in three views. She was given to a young girl at her birthday party. She is quite large, you can see in the picture with myself...

Next is a fruit basket that I made for a friend who I work with, a Produce Specialist. Sadly he's moved away, but I couldn't resist making him this. (Hey, giving fruit baskets are usually the thing to do, isn't it? hehe) It went down well. It was a fun evening, managed a few rounds of pool which I always enjoy. Nearly won too! hehe My favourite item in the basket is the cherries. They have an uniflated 160 tulip twisted into some 160 scraps. Very cute! The other fruits are bananas, a red and green apple and purple grapes. The bananas and grapes are anchored to a pinch twist in the bottom of the basket with uniflated scraps, and that helps the other fruits to stay in place. The basket design comes from a lovely friend of mine, Crystal. A lovely and generous twister in the US of A.

Lastly, here is the latest balloon dress I made. I really like the end result, even though I was waiting on a balloon order that was delayed. I didn't get my balloons on time, but I did finish my dress. This one was made as an entry into the Royal Darwin Show, a wearable garment for $30 or less. This one features a fancy collar and three yellow balloon buttons. I really wanted to wear this dress as I like everything about it! The colour one of my favourite things. It is a new Qualatex colour, Wildberry. Likeable, isn't it? Qualatex is my favourite balloon brand for colours. I love that they have new ones coming out, and love it when they are pink!

The last balloon offering I have for you is a girl with a flower. I was inspired by the beautiful metallic fuschia balloon for Betallatex. It was one of many balloons received recently in my shipment from the US of A. The method of using a balloon geo for the base is from my friend Mark (Papa Balloon).

I'd like fo finish by saying how much I love all my balloon friends. Alas, I may never meet them but they have touched me and made me a better person, both with my balloons and as an individual. Thank you to all of you, I'm very lucky to know you all. Also thanks to new friends! Thanks Magic-Ian for your challenge of a balloon boat! Be sure to see it in my next post... Doesn't that sound like I've already made it?! haha well no, but it will happen!


  1. As usuall your balloons creations are superb. I cannot honestly say what one I like best. I think I'll have a go at making the fruit basket. Not because I like it the best but because I don't think I would be able to do the dolls.
    Keep them comming your a real inspiration.

  2. Thanks Ian :D

    Jillys balloon animals tutorial for the basket was great. Very easy to follow. This is the 2nd time I have made this basket and the 2nd was a definate inprovement on my first one.
    Don't be afraid to experiment with the dolls as that'll build your confidence :D Thelma Levett and Twistina Belcher are huge inspirations to me in this area and would not be where I am without them!

  3. Wow your balloon creations are so awesome Sonia love em your so talented keep up the great work XD

  4. Hi there! I just wanted to let you know I awarded you with the "I ♥ your blog" award!
    Pick up button from my blog!
    something went wrong,I can not post a comment on your second blog,or send you e-mail!?

  5. Oo... that's really cool! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog! I tried to comment on your other one and it wouldn't let me. Hehe.. but it's cool because I now can follow this one! :)

  6. Thanks Roy! I must say I'm really impressed with your Predator costuming... looking very professional!

    That is a wonderful thing, Raki! Thank-you :D I will respond to it on my general blog with my next post.

    And no worries at all Angela! I really like what I see at your blog and I can't wait to see more.

    Thanks ladies for letting me know about the inability to comment/email on my other blog... what a pain! Hopefully it's fixed now with a layout change..



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