Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gone to the Birdies

Birds of a feather... flock together. So what happens when they're balloon birds? haha Sorry but I just had to say it! I'm really digging the balloon works of Patrick Van De Ven, whos balloons I recommend you visit. I gave a go at his Cockatoo without any instructions, ad then had to give a parrot a go. Next I will do is a Galah methinks!
The cockatoo was a gift to my friend Lynette for her 29th birthday (also a necklace I made her... not out of balloons though!)
Next up is a balloon Princess I made for another friend's 29th. I fell in love with the works of Bonnie and again tried her princess body design, using a heart with two raisin twists to attach the puffy sleeves to. The attaching of the head gave me the most grief and I still consider this to be a work in progress. I feel I can do more justice to the design. Will be one I will try another time for sure.
Hmm... Purple is a theme here

Last but not least, thanks again to my friend Magic-Ian who challenged me to create balloon boat. I thought the most fun option would be a pirate ship! I used an internet image of an inflated boat to give me a base to work with (think more bouncy castle style than modelling balloons!) Overall I am happy with how it turned out... But I feel it is too plain and lacks that special something. None-the-less, I like that it puts me outside my comfort zone and gives me the ability to expand my repertiore of balloons.
A'hoy there me mateys!
If you think you have what it takes (and believe me, you do!) Please leave a comment and make a suggestion to a balloon creation you'd like to see me attempt.
That's it for the time being, thanks for visiting and see you next time! :D


  1. Hey I posted a comment here but must have done something wrong as it's not here. Well as usual your balloons are superb, I especially like the cockatoo and of course my boat. Your next challenge (if no one else has one and you don't mind me having two in a row) is a hot air balloon.
    !!!!!Boy I love this blog!!!!!!
    Hey just an idea...if and when you get time it would be great if you did another tutorial on you tube.

  2. Hello Ian! :D
    Bugger! Thank you for taking the time to recomment though :) Really glad you like the boat too. Not a problem to issue another challenge, I likie the suggestion of the hot air balloon.
    I think I am overdue for a tutorial, I think I need to do one soon :D

  3. I'm still amazed by the things you manage to do with balloons! I'm not fond of balloons myself (it's a thing..ignore it) but I love seeing the images of what you make. The cockatoo and the princess are my faves, I think. I used to know how to make a little doggy! But that whole balloon issue always made me squeamish doing it. *laugh*

    I'm trying to think of something interesting to challenge you to make! Oooh...how about Stitch? From Lilo and Stitch? Would you be able to use balloons to closely replicate him? I think I'd like to see that! XD



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