Thursday, November 26, 2009

Business, Bali, and Issue #51!

Again, sorry for the slower updating. Will let you know about what I've been getting up to!

Has been what seems a busy month of doing things, this and that. In the news of ballooning a few exiting things to share!

.: Bali :.
Whilst I was on holiday recently in Indonesia, my mother (a facepainter) and I visited children at Gianyar Orphanage, a home for special needs children. This was our 2nd visit to their home, and we had a lot of fun with the children. There was a lot of fun and smiles all-round! Popular were cincin bunga (flower rings) and princess wands. The children love to play with the balloons themselves and have a blast too. I'm hoping to translate some instructions from English to Bahasa Indonesia to leave with the children so that they may have instructions. We left two bags of balloons, a pump, and a facepainting kit and you can be sure that we'll be there to visit again.
We were lucky enough to see the children have their dance lesson in traditional dance, and we were invited by their dance teacher to visit the dance and drama school the next day. It was a fantastic opportunity to see the children of Bali in activities that you'd not usually see, and their beautiful smiles sure showed how much they loved the face painting! (I was out of balloons sadly at this time!)

Also I finally have a business card! This came about from my holiday in Bali, and I took the opportunity to have some quality ones created. Best of all, it features one of my favourite things... A rainbow! That really made me happy.

.: That's Life! :.
Next, I'd like to tell you about something that has been in the works! I pitched an idea for a magazine article about balloon dresses to an Australian magazine, That's Life! Cram-packed with interesting real-life stories and great competitions. I was inspired to do so by some pictures that someone had submitted to 'The talk' featuring 'bits and pieces from the papers and the net' which featured some amazing creations which I'm sure you've probably seen before.
And so I emailed them about the balloon dresses I'd done, and they emailed back saying they'd like to include me in a Christmas issue if I would be willing to make either a Christmas tree or Christmas themed dress... So of course I said YES! I will be sure to let you all know when it is out! No pictures until after the debut, then I will share them with you.

In other news, I have a couple of ballooning gigs in the works, which includes a birthday party and a balloon twisting workshop for kids. I hope the new year brings new excitement!

Until next time my friends! <3

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