Friday, October 9, 2009

Busy busy busy! Frog!

Hello All!
It's been a short while since I've posted as things have been a bit hectic lately will the end of my VET course in Fashion design/wearable art is looming!

The photo to the side was taken on the 3rd at little Paris Stephens' 1st Birthday. I made the flower bouquet for the beautiful little lady and at my mum's suggestion took a few balloons into the resteraunt as a result many balloons were made that night!
On Sunday the 4th of October and it was World Animal Day! I went along and twisted balloons for the children (and some adults too!) whilst my mother by my side did facepainting. It was good day, but as usual it was very difficult to end the line... ended up going a half hour later but my reward was lunch at the Casino! A great way to wind down after a very hot day!
Unfortunately I don't have any photos of the event because I was very busy twisting away for the whole time! But popular requests included snakes (the only ones I could go near without cringing on the day!) and girly wands. If you want so see some pictures of them let me know but for now I will save my balloons.

Here are some photos of what I have been doing keeping me busy from updating...

and on a final note.......

.: Challenge! :.

Challenge! That's right, I didn't forget my dear friend Papa Marks' challenge to create a frog. After some time and some false starts, this is the little fellow. In tradition of exotic frogs, I had to do him in pink <3
Now it's your turn to challenge me for a balloon again! First person to reply to the post can request what they'd like to see me make out of balloons! Until next time my friends...


  1. Ooh! Look who I found! *waves*

    Love the dress and the little froggy is ADORABLE! Bravo. :)

  2. It's you! *hugs*

    Thanks so much beautiful ;) Would you like to make a balloon challenge to me? hehe

  3. I love the vest that you made. That rocks! I would love to see more of that too! You have some amazing talent... Share it all! ;-)

  4. Thank you for your wonderful praise Jonathan! I really admire your work and it means a lot to me. I am more than happy to share more! :D



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