Sunday, December 6, 2009

Birthday Time!

.: Birthday Fun! :.

Today was a happy day as I had the opportunity to help a young girl celebrate her 5th birthday! I arrived at the party with a pre-made balloon for the little girl of honor, Olivia. I had the first opportunity to wear the dress that was created for me through my university course.

It was a fun afternoon with about 15 or so children in attendance. It was a mid-afternoon affair and outdoors, and as a result it was rather warm. Luckily, I was undercover with a fan directly overhead as I was really starting to glow!

I've also included the balloon gift that was created for the guest of honor, and I absolutely love the opportunity to create pretty and girly balloons. Boys things are fun too of course, but they just don't have that pretty edge!
I hopefully from this opportunity have others for me around the corner. I have been approached to do a balloon twisting workshope with a local after school care in the New Year, which will be my first event of 2010! I'm looking forward to it... but possibly 60 kids will be in attendance! Yikes! But we will work it so that they work in smaller groups. But it should be great, I look forward to it.
Which reminds me... I will need to order new balloons soon! I also have some of the latest balloon twisting dvds on my wishlist from some of my most admired balloon artists.
Finally, the countdown is on! Only 2 issues of That's Life! magazine until my national balloon debut! Exciting and scary at the same time...

Speaking of time, see you next time and thanks for visiting!

on a final note...

.: Challenge! :.
Unfortunately no-one took up the challenge of suggesting a balloon form for me to create. Will you be that person? First one to leave a comment can tell me what I should challenge myself to make next!

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  1. Ok, someone might have done it before, but a Yoda balloon would be seriously cool.
    So there's your challenge



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