Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Caricature Time!

I've always had an urge to create. It's fun watching something evolve from your own mind! Probably why I enjoy balloons so much is you can make just about anything... but inflatable! Anyway, I digress from the topic at hand!
I decided I wanted to create a colouring-in page for myself, as it's something that is kinda a lot of fun to have one of you (also can become a give-away, colouring contest etc..)


Once I drew myself a few times, I decided to draw some friends too! Since then the requests keep coming..! I didn't realise how popular they would be at first, but I love giving my friends a reason to smile.



Now I have quite a few requests! It makes me think... If people really like what I do... Maybe I could offer it as a service to others?? Even my sister has requested a family portrait hehe
Right now, I'm enjoying creating for my friends, but there may well be those interested in buying one off me (gasp... hopefully!) Let me know if you're keen hehe

If I do any more pictures (I'm sure I will!) I will be sure to share <3


  1. Just another of your amazing talents. I really love the one you did for me. When I do the colouring competion I will send you a pic. of the winning entry.
    You could pretty well run a course teaching a few of your talents.

  2. Gal I'll totally get one, love these!! So talented!!
    Ballon challenge ;) a Sphynx cat ;)



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