Tuesday, June 1, 2010

In Sleep He Sang to Me, In Dreams He Came...

I apologise for the lack of updates lately. There haven't been too many instances lately where I've made some balloons. However, thanks to a birthday party and a balloon challenge at my favourite balloon website, balloon-animals.com/forum, I have done some further twisting and have gotten excited!
Firstly, I did a birthday party for a good friend's daughter. She turned 1 that day, and the theme was 'Under the Sea'. She wore an extremely adorable lobster costume! Ava, that is, not her mum! hehe the night before the party I premade the Mermaid, and the next day I thought she looked a little lonely and so added the Octopus!

Under the sea, under the sea!

also on the Friday evening I made the little lady below for a co-worker. I recently started a new job (actually, that happened today!) and I left it on her desk as a farewell balloon. I left her with a note saying "Remember me when this you see" hehe kinda cheesy but fun! I was trying a slightly different method with her hair.

Will you remember me?

Lastly, thank you to Travis who challenged me to make some balloons with the inspiration of music. Apparently he had been listening to The Phantom of the Opera soundtrack whilst creating balloons and that led me to my musical inspiration! I present to you Ms Christine Daae and the Phantom as Red Death:

I was quite pleased with how Christine came out, less so with the Phantom. I'd come down to my last 160 red working on him, and so he has black where he needn't and no cape. Ah well. He's to mysterious and awesome to be made into a balloon parody!
I have a party on this weekend for a friend's daughter on Sunday, so bring it on!

.:Feeling Inspired!:.
Please help me renew the excitement of discovery by challenging me to a balloon. No-one took up the last challenge, so if you feel up to it, please do so!


  1. I have never seen a decent ship made from balloons and I think you are the one that could make one. Will you have a go?

  2. Challenge accepted! Thanks for that :D What kind of ship? Otherwise I'm willing to give any a go!

  3. I was thinking modern, Naval or cruise liner or even sailing ship, anything will do (except dinghy lol).



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