Thursday, April 15, 2010

Supanova Brisbane 2010 - Balloon Dress Time!

Had a fabulous time in Brisbane recently at Supanova Pop Culture Convention. 'What better place to wear a dress made out of balloons than at a Pop Culture convention?' one might ask oneself. My answer to that is not too many other places! Having said that, no surprise that I was the only one there in one!

Included are some of the construction photos and some of my favourites that I have found online through my friends. The dress itself took over 10 hours and 100 balloons. At the end of it all I had to pop as I couldn't take it in the plane haha.
The last picture is of the dress once all the white bubbles had been popped. I think it looked rather artistic, so I just had to take a photo.

More construction pictures can be seen here. Also please visit A Rainbow of Balloons on Facebook!
For my next dress, I'm thinking something Anime inspired... hmm.... Any suggestions? Please leave a comment!


  1. Super awesome! Picked you out straight away in the Supanova photos. Such an amazing outfit!!!!

  2. Thanks so much Kelly! :D

    I've even considered trying to make the dress out of fabric, it is just so cute haha

  3. I Love your style and flair awosome balloon artist



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