Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter! Personally I got up to not much at all, but had the opportunity to play with some balloons! I made the small display of rabbits in a basket and took it into work for the day, offering the Bunnies free (to a good home of course!). I am happy to say they all found homes. I am considering creating my first Youtube video to show the design of the rabbit, please leave a comment if you would like to see me attempt one.

.: Going Supanova! :.

I'm excited for the up-coming weekend where I will be attending Supanova Pop Culture Expo. Hope to take some photos to share, and am also planning to create my 4th balloon dress. I will also have a little princess with me to join me in the fun!

.: Challenge! :.

Given that I am currently on holidays, I am up for a challenge! The first person to leave a comment, please suggest a balloon sculpture you'd like to see me attempt. I look forward to your challenge..

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