Saturday, September 12, 2009

Of Balloon Dresses and Pop Culture...

I like balloons. And I like dresses. So how much would I like balloon dresses? How long is a piece of string?
When I think back to what inspired me to make my first balloon dress, what comes to mind is some of the beautiful and awe-inspiring images of this website. And this is the website that helped to open many eyes into the world of balloon fashion.

What prompted me to actually create a dress was a class I am currently studying in VET (fashion design-- with actual fabric!) I'd had the strong urge as this time to try one and this presented a very good opportunity.
Here are images of my first ever balloon dress:

But from here I knew I wanted to try more. My next 'excuse' to create a balloon dress was to wear to a market. Not just any market but Mindil Beach Markets. Here are some images of that dress:

To the left you can see the finished dress which is more like a skirt.

To the right is my beautiful mother modelling the balloon hat.

The final chapter of balloon dresses concludes with the third creation:

Picture credits to Foolish Paul

This final dress was created in Sydney and worn at Supanova Pop Culture Convention 09. I wish the 'Pop' part alluded to balloons, yet more so the Popular culture side of things... Here's hoping to shake it up in 2010!

The next time that I have the chance to wear a dress created of balloons... I have a design inspriation in mind... watch this space!
.... to be continued?

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