Friday, September 11, 2009

Celebration... and CHALLENGE!


Hi! My name is Sonia, and I'm situated in Darwin, NT, Australia! If you're viewing this page, it is validation that I am successful in finally creating a website of sorts to showcase what I do with balloons. Hopefully it will be an insight for you into the world of balloon twisting, and that there might be something for everyone. Something for you!

For me, ballooning has developed from a fun hobby into something so much more, and I delight in sharing my skills with others. Whether you are looking for a special one-off creation, need a twister for a birthday or a special event; possibly in need of a balloon teacher, please keep an eye on my blog to learn more about how I can help you!

As the content develops, I will share with you many things, including events I have scheduled and new twists I might discover! I've started off by showing you some of my favourite designs which you can see to the side.

As this web log develops, I hope you'll return and help me share in the joys of Balloon Twisting!

And to Celebrate... <3

Have a Challenge Balloon for me? First person to leave a comment can request a design from me and I will give it my best go!*

*disclaimer: The design is for your viewing pleasure and instructions will not be given.


  1. Awesome blog idea!! I came over from facebook... and I request a baloon dragon! lol you don't have to try to make that if you don't want. I love balloons, but I've always burst them when I've given it a go :(

  2. Nice blog! Great idea on the challenge. I may have to steal that idea. : )

  3. Sonia! What a COOL website/blog! I don't have a real challenge for you so much, but how about a frog? I really like your butterfly. that is a really neat design!


  4. Metanoia! Thanks for being the first to comment... Incidentally I was JUST the other day looking at your blog.. came across it looking for a petticoat pattern and I <3 the bunny bag the most!
    Dragon, not too difficult, but you can bet I'm going to give him/her a good go :D Coming soon!

    And Miss Balloon Heart, thank-you! And I'd be honored thats for sure :D
    Finally Papa, thank you so much! hehe, Blogger does a lot of the coolness (just need to get my head around some of the aspects!) Hmmmm you weren't the first to post.. But I'll give your frog a go :D (P.S. I love that design too! It's from a Japanese website :D)

  5. My petticoats are my most popular thing. I've got 4 blogs now though and changed all my website around. I have too many interests! lol

    Blogger is excellent. Loving the pictures down the side. Fabulous fairy and butterfly. Can't wait to see the dragon and the frog!

  6. It is a very cute series of blogs from what I have seen :D
    Also thank you! Those are some of my favourite designs by others that I have a lot of fun with :D

    and I sorry all I haven't forgotten about the challenges! Am planning on working on them tomorrow so watch this space... ;)

  7. *hugs* Hey Sonia,

    Thought I'd stop in and leave ya a message saying hi... erm, hi? Anyway, awsome blog, I like the challenge section, very cool idea. Talk to ya soon.

  8. Hi Sonia , Great Blog
    love mum



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