Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dresses and Balloons!

Due to a request made, I am more than happy to share some of my other work aside from ballooning. Not surprising is the fact that I've combined two of my favourite things and they can work so well together!

Just recently I completed a year long course in fashion design which involved shoemaking. Here I am sharing some pictures from the final exhibition.

The first dress is a creation designed and fabric selected by myself, made by a fellow student. The final result is a creation that I can wear whilst ballooning. To display the garment, I made a balloon characature of myself in a balloon dress holding a balloon dog. That was fun! I'm planning on wearing the dress for the first time at a birthday party this weekend.

Next up is a dress that I designed that features a 3-layered tulle petticoat to give it bounce. I call it 'Dessert Time' as it invokes images of yummy treats. Don't think I'll wear this dress ballooning though!

Aside from drawing inspiration from desserts, it was also inspired by a dress worn by Kate Miller-Heidke and my love of rainbows (unfortunately I could not find the right rainbow, so used pink/cream instead).

If you happen to like the look of the delectable treats, they were a custom creation for a wonderful lady situated in Brisbane. I'd be more than willing to share the source if requested!

The course run was a fantastic opportunity to receive invaluable knowledge through Lynn Ferguson our pattern drafting and construction techniques mentor, and Marlene Kranz a wonderfully quirky lady driving our design side, who has worked for Vivieen Westwood. Not only this but she taught a shoemaking class as well! It was truely a great year of learning.

Above is a shot of my final shoe in progress. Don't worry, it has a friend!

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